Friends and fans, I need your help supporting a cause I’ve been wishing I could support more. It’s a group called O.U.R.- Operation Underground Railroad.

This is an organization that is dedicated to seeking out and rescuing kidnapped children from slavery– all too often from sex slavery.

Here’s their website:

Find them on Facebook:

And on Twitter:

Here is a video of them rescuing 12 child slaves.

So I am going to donate every penny, every dollar– everything I make from sales of BEYOND THE CABIN for the rest of February to this group.

I’m not going to wait for the royalties to arrive either, I’ll simply total things up and send this group the money.

I need you to share this as far as you can. I love these guys and want to give them as much money as possible.

Here’s the Amazon link to BEYOND THE CABIN:

The best way to help is to simply share a link to this post. I’ve had some wonderful people help spread the word about O.U.R., but without a link about this effort and also missing a link to the book on Amazon. Thus, no money!

Let’s see what we can do. I’ll update you with tallies at least daily.