Hey everyone. Much silence of late here, since I’ve been focusing on:

  1. Starting a new job in Seattle with Amazon
  2. Moving the family from Utah to Seattle (sell the house, buy a house, blah, blah, blah)
  3. Starting work on a new Old West Urban Fantasy novel, currently titled Dragon Hunters

And I’ve been more active on my Facebook author page than here. But this website is still the best place to get everything you need that is at all related to me, this guy, Jared Garrett, and my stories!

So with Beat coming out on June 18th (on Kindle only for now- the paperback is soon to come too!), my publisher, Future House, is running a really cool cover reveal contest. You just have to guess what the book is about on one of these places, and you’re entered.

1. Facebook: http://bit.ly/BeatReveald1

2. Twitter: http://bit.ly/BeatReveald1t

3. Google+: http://bit.ly/BeatReveald1gp

Now, I should say that the cover is pretty dang cool. I think everyone will love it. But you’ll love the book even more, and what’s better than free books?

Also, let’s make a splash! Share this post everywhere and hand out donuts to everyone you know who participates and shares.

Disclaimer: Author and author's page makes no offer to provide said donuts but really really really encourage you to do this anyway because everyone loves donuts or at least donuts that aren't plastered in coconut. Just saying.

So go to Facebook and comment and share. Then go to Twitter and reply and then retweet. Then go to Google+ and notice how actually cool it is and comment and share.

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