You can be the winner of the first copy of Beat signed by me- with my new author signature. Yes, I changed my author signature so it would be more cool. Cooler. More coolest.

Here’s a picture of my daughter showing you exactly where your name will go:

My daughter and my book. Two of my loves.

My daughter and my book. Two of my loves.


Take luck!

Anyway. It’s easy. Just share this contest post somewhere on social media- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest- I don’t really care. Then add a comment to this post.

Not just any comment, though. First, tell me where you shared this post. Then answer this question in as many or as few words as you like:


What is something you have done that took courage- real courage? Something that scared or intimidated you. Something hard- that you had to push hard to beat or overcome? Maybe you were like Nik in Beat and had to overthrow a smiling, lying tyrant. Or maybe you were scared of heights but you bungee jumped into a bowl of pudding anyway.

Write your answer in your comments. You get one entry for sharing this post and commenting.

I’ll give you more entries if you share this post again and then comment again in the same way! Limitless entries! Game the system! Woohooo!

Seriously, game the system and share everywhere. When the contest ends, I’ll put all the entries into a randomizer and we shall see what the randomizing gods determine.

Anyway, the contest will go until Saturday September 26. Why? Because that’s the day I’ll be signing at Salt Lake Comic Con and I’ll announce the winner from the con! Yes, I’ll send it to you. Yes, I’ll send it anywhere in the world. Yes, I’ll pay for postage.

Better get to sharing. And remember: First share this post, then comment on it telling me where you shared it and telling your story. That’s how you get entered into the contest!