Okay, here’s the deal.

I’m calling December my

ImGoToWrANoMo (pronounced however you choose).

I’m Going To Write A Novel Month is what that all means.

And it’s true. I’m going to write from 2500-3000 words each day of this month, not including Sundays and perhaps including Saturdays, but not very likely. This means that I have three days this week, five the next, five the next, five the next and three the last week. That gives me 21 days of writing.

Meaning my 1st Draft of the novel will be about 50,000 words to 63,000 words.

I’m not ruling out doing more than my goal on any given day, but I will. not. do. less.

This is an experiment and a demonstration of my commitment.

It will take me about two to three hours each day to hit my goal. That means I will need to set aside some time for it. That time will be early in the morning, right after I exercise, and I will make up any additional time in the evening.

I will report daily. Possibly twice daily. Stay tuned.

Oh, and I’m really not sure what the novel’s going to be about. That’s what I’m going to decide tonight.

I’m out for now.

carpe somnium

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