If you wanted, you could go to the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2016 panel schedule and search for my name, but I’m here to help!

So here’s the plan:

I’m driving down from Seattle to my friend Nathan Riddle’s house on Thursday afternoon. It’s a 12+ hour drive, so I’ll get in during the wee hours. Which is fine. Who needs sleep?

Then I’ll be at FanX 2016 on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, I have one panel at 10AM, in 255C. It’s called Rocky, The Cold War, and Creed.

rocky panel







This panel is with five people I don’t know: Brooke Heym, Jonathan Decker, Patrick Gibbs,  Paul Gibbs, and Andy Wilson. It will be great and I expect you to attend and tell me to stop geeking out about how much Rocky really did inform our cultural consciousness during the Cold War.

And yes, I must break you.

My next panel is on Saturday at 10AM in 150G. It’s called Structuring Life to Support Creativity.

structuring life to support creativity







I’ll tell you what. The only way for me to get as much writing done as I do is to build time into my day. Creativity comes when you give it lots of opportunities to show up.

This panel is with four people I don’t know: Chris Bodily, Claudia Gray, Mikki Kells, and Richard Lance Russell. There are also two people I DO know on the panel: Josi Russell- a wonderful breakout author with the same publisher as me, and Sandra Tayler- the business side of Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary and an accomplished fiction and children’s book writer, essayist, and blogger in her own right– particularly of her award-winning One Cobble at a Time blog. I met Sandra in passing years ago, have chatted with her husband Howard intermittently over the years, and am good friends with Howard’s brother, Randy. We were in a critique group together for something like a year.

And my last panel is on Saturday at 8PM in 150G also. It’s called 30 Years of Big Trouble in Little China.

Big trouble panel







Yes, I can’t wait. I adore this movie. Listen to the old Pork Chop Express.

I am excited to be doing these, my very first panels as a writer. Show up and throw rotten fruit at me, will you? (Or just applaud like most boring audiences.)