Today I haven’t had the time to work on my ImGoToWrANoMo work, due to a variety of reasons, including sleep deficiency, FHE (Family Home Evening for the uninitiated) in which we did the Christmas tree and decorations thing, applying to two jobs–one of which I really should get, and needing to freaking go to bed!

Last week I got in a major hole for sleep. My word count goal for this week is 15,000 and I WILL get it. I will.

Just wait.

I’ve pretty much finished world-building for my new novel, which has no working title yet. It can wait. I also have some major climaxes put together. I still need at least one support character and a resolution, but I’m going to write the story this week and see where that takes me. Gotta keep it organic and all. Whatever that means.

Stay tuned, or tune in later. I’m going to get this done, although the book might be longer than initially anticipated.

I’m going to bed now. I can’t let bedtime slide anymore.