Let’s do some dream vocalization, shall we?

For your reading pleasure, my ideal work day. Please share your ideal work day in the comments!

  1. Wake up at 7AM.
  2. Write 1500 words.
  3. Lift weights etc. for an hour.
  4. Shower and breakfast.
  5. Write for another hour.
  6. Take a couple Uber passengers on my way to that day’s PI (private investigator) job.
  7. Do the PI job: follow someone, testify, provide security, investigate a case.. whatevs.
  8. Lunch with Annemarie.
  9. More PI job and/or writing and/or Uber. Whatever the day needs or I’m feeling.
  10. Home. Putter around the garden or house, do laundry or some daily chore, and get dinner going.
  11. Eat dinner.
  12. Goof off with Annemarie and the kids.
  13. Write/edit a bit.
  14. Watch some TV/movie/story thing.
  15. Off to bed.

As I look at that 15-item list, my heart leaps. One day, my friends. One day I will bring this to pass. Bit by bit, it is unfolding even now.

All right, your turn. Tell the world your ideal work day.