All right, Garrish Army. Gonna lead with this: the only way this works out is if you help. I need this from you:

  1. Nominate The Seer in its Kindle Scout campaign. Click here. If you have an Amazon account, you’ll probably have to log into the Kindle Scout site with your normal credentials, then you’re good to go
  2. Share the campaign with everyone you know. Please share it everywhere. Every share makes a difference.

That’s all I need from you. If that’s all you wanted to know, see you later and thank you for your help! (Just note that you can only have three books nominated for Kindle Scout at a time. Don’t knock The Seer off!)


But if you want to know how this all works, you can check out this page that details the Kindle Scout program. I’ll sum it up.

  1. Kindle Scout is Amazon’s publishing system. Not self-publishing- Amazon is the actual publisher. They market and everything. But they’re using the power of crowd interest to help them publish books that have a real market. You, your family and friends and enemies, and everyone else out there, are my market. Every. Single. Nomination. makes a huge difference.
  2. When you nominate The Seer, you essentially become a Scout for Kindle publishing. You can have three books nominated at a time- so you have to be careful not to remove The Seer from your nominated list!
  3. As a nominee of The Seer, when it wins its campaign and Amazon Kindle picks it up for publication, you get a free e-book! They’ll ask you to read and review it, but hey, pretty good deal right?
  4. When The Seer is picked up and published, Amazon Kindle’s publishing team will do another professional edit, typeset it, put together a marketing plan, and will get it in front of people who will buy and read it.
  5. Kindle Scout does not share how many nominations the book receives during its campaign. So I’m going to keep hammering on this and I thank you for doing the same. Let’s leave no doubt!

Sounds great, right?

Go nominate it and share. Help a brother out.