Okay, maybe not, but I’m making progress. Once again, I am on www.helium.com ‘s home page. So just click on that link and scroll down until you see the article by happy me!

You know what else, you might just learn a thing or two about winter gardening activities.

Or you could just … uh… wait, I lost my train of thought.

But at least I’ll never forget the squirrel dance, which I learned from the mighty Hap the Sniffling Poodle last year.

The end.

As for ImGoToWrANoMo, it ended up being: I had a lot of paying freelance work in December, so it didn’t happen. This is the month. Whew. Got that off my chest.

Oh, Annemarie and I are doing our own version of Biggest Loser. I came up with the best week-level prizes ever. Can anyone guess what they are?