and not going very strong at this point.

I’ve been keeping up with the feedback from the client in Korea. I get paid when the project is done, so I have a vested interest in moving the project forward.

I also did work at WeXL today, for the morning time.

We attended a blue and gold banquet tonight for our oldest, Thomas. It was fun; our first.

Tomorrow’s plan:
Start my day by exercising.
1) At WeXL in the AM. Prospecting by phone and by going to business parks.
2) Home for lunch probably, or soon thereafter.
3) Bang an article together– at least the rough draft, for Maximum Yield magazine.
4) Spend time keeping up with the project for my Korean client.
5) Do some Helium administrative stuff.
6) Check out the Ensign, Liahona, and New Era’s editorial calendar. Outline an article based on what I find.
7) Add more to my brainstorm for my America essay.
8) Go to the bank.
9) Do a creative writing experiment: characterization.

And that is all. It ain’t much, but I’ll probably be fighting sleep all day.

Speaking of sleep, that’s what I gots to do now. Good night moon.