Okay, here’re the preliminaries. I do this so I can be accountable. They say that written goals are achievable goals. (Yes, the ‘i’ goes before the ‘e’ in that word)

Gonna get up no later than 5:15AM every week morning. I will write for 30 minutes. It will be fiction. For now, it will be a book that I will finish by June 1st. That is about 76 days of writing. If I can do 500 words every writing morning, I will have 38,000 words. That’s not bad, right?

If I can’t finish by June 1st, it will be done by July 1st at the latest.

So that’s creative writing planned. Will it be hard to get up?

Funny you should ask. Because yes!

I’d like to be putting about 3 hours into www.helium.com every week. I have to figure out when to do this. Maybe in the evenings.

I also need to get stuff written for Maximum Yield and Demand Studios.

Plus, I have side projects to get done.

And I got squat-all done this week. Sometimes it’s hard to feel good about yourself.. has anybody else noticed that?

I just have one more thing to say:

Lily’s eyes, the size of her life
lived large and loud and loved
lull me, capture me.
Her squeeze, tight and tiny
but large and loud and loving
melts me, breaks me.