Program? Certainly, I’m on Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the Atkins and the C Food diets. So I’m following lots of programs.

You know, I’m lying. I am on a lifestyle change though. I’m eating far less sugar, not having snacks every night (only 6 out of 7 nights.. okay.. maybe more like 2 out of 7) and am exercising enthusiastically.

I’m down nearly ten pounds this year. Annemarie, with whom I am competing in a home-based Biggest Loser, is beating me, of course. She’s down fifteen on the year.

How did I get into this discussion? Uh…

Oh yeah. Program.

So the program I really meant was the getting up early and doing some creative writing every morning. I got up early yesterday, but only just in time to make it to the gym to meet a friend and repeatedly lift iron. This morning I got up at 5AM and got right to it.

Okay, I’m lying again. Or just pulling somebody’s leg. Or maybe I’m just a git.

I got up at 5 to write, but also because we needed bread to be available for breakfast and lunches. So I had some wheat flour soaking overnight and then whipped it into dough and loaves and ended up with 5 nice loaves of bread. The house smells great.

Interspersed with kneading and forming loaves and such, I did some writing on a book I started in December. This was the book I wanted to do entirely for my own ImGoToWrANoMo project, which didn’t work out due to the need to make $$$. So today I wrote about 760 words in about 30 minutes of writing, but I also took time to go through the outline and what I already had. The book is now at 4387 words (about 11 pages).

So it was a good thing. Feels good to be working on it again, albeit I also felt like it was rough going for a little bit there too.

I have to get in to the office so I can make calls. I’ll be back later.

carpe somnium