Okay, I’ve actually been busy and productive.

No creative writing for about a week now, mainly because I have too many other actual paying and very soon to be paying projects I’m working on.

I wrote over 5000 words today, as part of 4 expository passages and 3 articles for www.helium.com.

Here are the links to those articles on www.helium.com, along with a link to another I adjusted and re-submitted. You should check them out, because they’re all actually pretty flipping awesome!





Also, if you love these articles, or even if you don’t, please don’t forget to share them. Use Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and even Technorati.

Now, as for what I’m doing tomorrow. Big changes a’comin’.

This blog will be re-launched tomorrow. I am not sure if it will be re-named, although I doubt it. If you want to know what will be different, come back tomorrow!

I will also be re-launching my newest blog: http://powersderived.blogspot.com which is a political commentary blog. The format and overall content of the posts will be adjusted to become more readable.

That’s not all! I will be launching yet another blog! This one’s address: http://personalfinancegym.blogspot.com/

As part of all of these changes, I am going to be learning how I can help you, my lovely readers, share the posts that I do. This might require some kind of technical training, but I believe there is a way to put tools to Digg, Delicious, Reddit and the other article sharing sites at the end of each of my posts.

If anyone has any advice on that issue, that would be appreciated.

So that’s all.

Oh wait. You might ask why all of these changes?

Because I have been learning how to use the Internet to build a brand, gain readership and actually make a little bit of (little!) residual income.

That’s why.

carpe somnium!