is now re-launched.

Note the lovely new colors.

Love the beautiful icons at the end of each post, which enable readers to share my posts on social networking sites.

Behold the fact that my posts each have their own unique URL that you can link to from your own blog, your Facebook, your Twitter or whatever else.

In the future, posts will begin with a quick update on my progress in my writing career. I will often include links to articles I write, as this is a good way to increase my page rank for both my articles and my blog.

Next will be some kind of writing exercise. It could be a quick character study, a description of a conflict, a plot device.. or whatever. The point of these, and the gimmick here, is that these will be things I use in my current book.

My current novel is a YA fantasy novel about a kid named Roger Hollacher. The day he gets a job, he is attacked by young men from his high school. Problem: the young men seem to transform back and forth from humans to evil-looking, hairy, toothy creatures with glowing red eyes.

Roger doesn’t know it yet, but he holds power over the earth because of his connection to creation.

Tingles yet?

He will have to learn to wield his power fast to save his parents and to stop the big baddy from gaining almost total power.

And that’s all for now. Come back lots! Share my posts. We can trade blog URLs so we can increase each other’s rank and traffic.

Let’s use this Internet thing.