Whatever the case (get it? hehe) may be, it’s time to update Quit and Write, so grab your tasty beverage and perhaps an oreo or two; it just might be a long and mildly wild ride.

Ooh, assonance. Love it.

Incidentally, I’m in love with punctuation. The semi-colon particularly. I love that puny piece of punctuation (alliteration!) so much I sometimes fabricate ways to use it.

Anyway, back to the task at hand. At fingertips. On lap.

I’ve been busy of late. Last week I shared how I had been kept quite busy with some writing of long, multitudinous passages. Well, I got paid for that, so that’s freakin’ awesome. Love getting paid to write.

I have since spent time reviewing passages and doing some revising, for that same project. All of which I will be getting paid for as well.

Now I have some more work to do for that company. All good, no?

Also, I’ve been working furiously on getting some more web-based writing revenue coming in. First, I wrote a couple real estate articles for www.helium.com. I can’t share them because they are currently being considered for purchase by www.realtor.com. I wrote two, and if they choose both, that’s a $400 payday. I pray often for this to work out.

I even did serious research for those pieces. Called real estate agents and stuff.

Now I’m working on a piece about the growing movement to keep chickens in suburban yards. I’m considering making it an expose on cities who have their heads stuck in the sand. Cities like Provo.

So in the last week I’ve written three financial fitness lessons. Two of them are on http://personalfinancegym.blogspot.com. I also put together some sales e-mails, and…

(how to embed a drumroll soundtrack?)

a piece that should be appearing in LDS Living’s April e-mail to subscribers. That would be about 50,000 people. Worldwide.

I’m excited about that. (No pay, but exposure is nice, eh?)

I am pushing hard with trying to get others to link to my blogs on other websites. This is beginning to pick up some with my financial fitness blog. I’ve got a link shared on the Best Friends Network. Best Friends Animal Society is a large animal shelter in southern Utah.

I’m going to start learning about grant writing soon… just as soon as I finish mastering the art of the white paper. I’m nearly done with that, so shortly any companies who need white paper written up, contact me because I will be crafting meticulous and magnificent white papers.

A white paper is a long brochure, essentially. 3000 words or so about a company’s offering.

As for novel writing, I haven’t been able to make time, what with trying to pay bills and increase my non-fiction exposure. However, I do have a writing exercise for the next post. That post will arrive tomorrow. I call this the trickle-in method.

So now I must go. I need to get today’s http://powersderived.blogspot.com piece finished and posted.

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