then comes marriage. Then comes baby in the baby carriage!

You might think that I’m just being random now; that I am stretching for an interesting opening to my posts on this site. You might think this is my desperate grab at increasing and maintaining readership.

You’d be wrong. It’s Hambone.

No, seriously. I have some rather surprising news that is actually related!

I wasted an entire afternoon at a friggin’ oil and lube joint. Got there at 2:50PM and left there at 4:25PM. This is my first wasted afternoon in ages, and to me it was a surprise. And um… oil.. is used to lubricate the carriage of an engine?

Hmm.. that’s a stretch.

How about this: After the lube joint, I went to IFA to pick up two more chicks, since we had called and they had reported that they had new ones. So I went to get baby chickens. That’s related right?

Of course, they didn’t have sexed chicks (in other words, the gender hadn’t been determined yet), nor did they have any that they could say for sure were laying hens. So I didn’t get any. Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, not as bad of a stretch, right? Try this last on for size: I reported to my temporary sponsor for the first time. Not my AA sponsor, I report to her on Thursday evenings (only kidding). No, this was my temporary sponsor in the Master’s program which I will be beginning in the Fall. At BYU. Studying IP&T. (Instructional Psychology and Technology)

So now I covered carriage, baby and report. Good enough.

Wait, did you think I was going to announce that we were going to have another baby? Not any time soon, nope. In case you didn’t know: we have five kids, the youngest of which is ten months old.

On to my writing report. (Hallelujah! Hope you’ve stuck around til now.)

I got a financial fitness article onto’s website yesterday. They also sent it out as part of their e-mail to subscribers. Apparently that e-mail goes to about 50,000 people.

Very happy thing yesterday, no?

I sold two articles to a Real Estate website a few days ago. They sold for $10 each. Not terrible. Not tons, but hey, what can you do.

I added another personal finance lesson to Check it out!

And this blog had over 100 hits in under a week. Awesome!

I have a lot more writing to do over the next week. I’ll probably be back next Thursday to update.

May I impose upon any reader(s) of this blog to please share the link on your Facebook, on Digg, Reddit, or on your own blog? I am always happy to link to other quality blogs as well. My intention is to build this blog so that I have 100 hits/day, rather than per week. Then, well, the sky’s the limit.

Above this post, you will probably have already seen today’s writing exercise. Share it too!