Sorry I haven’t been around for three whole weeks! Where does the time go? The last time I posted here was on my 35th birthday!

Okay, so the first thing to say is that I had another aticle in LDSLiving’s online magazine. Yes, I am angling to get into the print version, but this is okay for now. Here’s the link:

By the way, this article has actually generated some buzz. The editor of the magazine has been forwarding responses to the piece and they’re in general pretty great! What’s more, they added my byline and included a link to my personal finance blog. So on Tuesday, when the piece came out, had 100 hits! I’ve never had that many in a day before, so that was a red letter day!

I have actually updated my finance blog too. This newest entry reveals some secrets about credit scoring. Check it out! Share!

I have also put two new pieces on One is about S.909– the new hate crimes legislation. The other is my commentary about FOCA. Both are good and informative– as well as entertaining reads.

As for other writing, I’m finishing a project for my biggest client. I’m also looking to get on with a major company to do regular work for them.

I might not be able to get a full time job, so I’m going to have to make this freelance thing work. Anyway, I’ll do a writing exercise shortly. Back soon!