or don’t, but please don’t tell my Honors writing class teacher (Fred Pinegar) that I really didn’t much care for Moby Dick. Sure, some parts were okay, but I really didn’t get too tied up in the knot chapters.

Ehe. Hehe. You got the pun there?

Actually, aside from Moby Dick, I really got a lot out of that writing class. It was a class I took during my very first semester as an undergrad. In fact, I believe it was my second class (on my schedule) of that semester.


  • I met my wife in that class.
  • I gained a true appreciation for the craft of writing.
  • I fell more in love with Shakespeare.

That’s pretty okay, eh?


Here’s the report:

I’ve spent a lot of time lately looking for a full-time job. I’m still scooting after that dream and all, but money is required. The family needs to eat and a mortgage payment needs to be paid… sometime.

However, I have done some work on adjusting some passages so that they are more suited to higher level readers. That’s been fun. I’ve also completed a large amount of data entry for a professor I’ve known for some years. This has equalled some $, which is much appreciated.

I’ve begun research on another personal finance article for LDS Living. I am confident that will come out well.

And I’ve been working hard on improving the quality of my blogs. Making them more interesting and such. I recently launched my gardening blog: http://theprovidentgarden.wordpress.com, and am working on getting a massive pile of existing content up over there. I should make progress on that today.

But today I need to work on data entry, as well as do some work with those higher-level passages. So since those both pay and they are high priority, I will do them first.

Oh yeah, I put together my first advertorial this week. It was fun. I bet you can guess what an advertorial is by the creative way that word has been invented. Putting one together is like a cross between doing some graphics work along with composing content. Man I need to learn graphic design. Hmm, better not forget to bill those guys.

I’m also creating a brochure for a chiropractor. This work is being done in trade.

So I’m keeping busy, but I can see the other side of this work… and it looks pretty empty of the old cash thing.

Onward into the dark.

I’ll do a writing exercise on Friday.

carpe somnium