I’m back again.

I’ve recently finished this poem and thought I would share it.

Let Me Trust in Thee
Let the wings of thy Spirit
Carry me nearer thy side,
That in the flesh shall I see
And in thy presence abide.
Let my weakness be consumed
As I am filled with love Divine.
And my countenance be changed
That from me, thy light might shine.
Let my soul delight in thee
And trust not in arms of others,
That thy blessings may be added
As I seek thy kingdom, Father.
Lord let me sing thy praises
With an eye and heart single.
Thy promises fill my soul!
Let thy Spirit with me linger.
Let me trust in thee my God.
Let fruit from the tree of life
Fill my heart with joy so sweet.
Cleanse me with His sacrifice. 
If you like it, feel free to share with friends and family.