Howdy folks.

I’ve got an announcement.

No, I haven’t gotten liposuction, nor have I conquered my love of a tasty evening snack– thus I am still portly.

No, my garden did not win garden of the year from some local, prestigious association.

Yes, I’m still in school, studying Instructional Design.

Okay, the thing is that I’m a little tired of letting others get all the profit from all of the articles I’ve written for the countless websites who currently host them.

Thus, I am starting a new website. It will be It’s not up yet, but it will be shortly. I will fill it with my myriad articles on various subjects.

I will also be posting weekly chapters from my autobiography. That’s right, it’s time to tell the story of my life growing up in a cult, not believing in God for the first 18 years of my life, and my life AB (after belief).

I’ll let you know when my site is up and running. I’m excited!