Well, I’m going to do it.

No really.

I’m going to participate in National Novel Writing Month.

No, seriously. I’ve got to write something creative before I go nuts. My daily Twaiku’s are not scratching the itch sufficiently.

My word count goal is going to be fewer (not less? should I say less here) than the official number of 50,000. I’m shooting for 35,000.

I am torn between writing a suspenseful, scary story and writing a story I’ve been mulling over as I read the Book of Mormon. Have you ever noticed how much dramatic potential is in that book? Yes, it’s scripture and has saved my life numerous times, but by golly it’s rich dramatic material.

I’ve also been wondering if I ought to write a romance– just as a test. No, really, a test of whether I can do it and make it good and not just blech. I need to practice with writing emotion and getting deeply into the emotion so that my readers can identify with my characters.

Any ideas?