All righty, friends. I’m late putting this up, but it will do me some good to get this all down visually and if you’re trying to catch up with me, there are plenty of opportunities.

I’ll list all the events I’ll be at/have been at for 2019. This will be updated as the year unfolds and I add details and possible new events.

  1. January 25-26: Wasatch Writers Fellowship conference. This was a great, small conference where I taught and joined some other industry pros to speak on some panels. Made some great friends. Sold some books too!
  2. February 14-16: LTUE. One of the very best conferences. It felt a little less attended than years past. I was honored to speak on several panels. Next year, I’m going to submit a few proposals for presentations. Made some great friends. Talked with a bunch of old pals too. Sold some books!
  3. February 23: League of Utah Writers leadership summit. A private event where I taught chapter leaders skills and techniques for empowering their chapter members to work together.
  4. February 28: Syracuse Art Academy Literacy Night. A neat little event at what sounds like a great charter school. My friend and editor Melissa Meibos arranged for me to join in. Talked with great kids and parents. Sold a few books.
  5. April 19-20: Salt Lake City Spring FanX. My first time with my own table. I joined the Rocky panel, sold a bunch of books, sold some t-shirts. Some of the kids came along and had a great time. Great, great event.
  6. May 9-11: Storymakers Conference. I’ve been attending this for several years. This year is my first as faculty. My schedule: Thursday for first pages workshop from 3-6PM. Friday 2-2:50 teaching my Productivity Class and busy 5-5:30. I’ll be at the Whitney Gala. Saturday: Mass author signing 5:30-7PM. All at the Utah Valley Conference Center. My books will be in the bookstore.
  7. May 18 (Saturday): Spring Into Books 4:30-6:30PM at the South Jordan Community Center. I’ll be talking to readers and friends and selling books!
  8. May 31: Summer Reading Kickoff Party at the Tremonton City Library. This is my first time doing this and I’m so excited. I get to talk to readers of all ages, mostly kids I think, and hobnob with the coolest people. I’ll have books available for sale too.
  9. July 19 and 20: Wizarding Dayz in Ogden: I will speak on a few panels, including action scenes and D&D and have a table to sell books.
  10. July 27: SciFi Author Panel at the American Fork Library (time unknown right now). This is for the Summer Reading Program. I’ll speak about writing scifi and will be with other authors answering questions. I’ll have books available for sale, but don’t yet have details on displays etc.
  11. August 10: Author Workshop at the Tremonton Library. I’ll teach a 4-hour workshop on getting the right start on your project and we will do feedback cycles as well.
  12. August 23-24: Quills Conference of the League of Utah Writers: I will speak on three panels and teach a 2-hour intensive class on writing action scenes and a class on recording your own audiobooks. My books will be for sale in the bookstore and I’m doing a signing on Saturday afternoon at 2PM.
  13. September 6-7: Salt Lake City Fall FanX: I’ll have a table and will be on several panels. Books and t-shirts and awesome conversation will abound!
  14. September 12-14: American Night Writers Association Conference in Gilbert, Arizona. My schedule: Thursday: Open. Friday 3:30-5:20PM I teach my Action Scenes workshop. Saturday 10-10:50AM I teach about making your own audiobooks. My first time at this conference and the more I learn about it the more excited I get. Great, great people are involved. I’ll have books for sale there too.
  15. September 21: How to Start a Cult for the Occasional Lectures series. This is exactly what it sounds like. I’ll have books available.
  16. September 27-28: Snake River Writers Conference in Idaho. I will teach a big session on four exercises for winning our tough writing moments. This is both motivational and practical skills stuff.
  17. October 11: UVU’s Book Academy. This will take place at the UVU Wasatch Campus in Heber, Utah. James Perry from Studio C is the keynote speaker. I’ll be teaching my Anatomy of Action Scenes and DIY Audiobooks workshops at this single-day event.
  18. October 12: Indie Author Day at American Fork Library. I’ll have a table and will sell and sign books and have rad conversations!
  19. November 8-9: Kanab Writers Conference. I’ll be attending and will have books for sale and will do a signing on the 8th.
  20. November 9: Young Authors Workshop at Kanab City Library. I’ll be teaching a getting started workshop and a creativity session for young authors at the Kanab City Library. Books available there too.