and I think I’d better go ahead and put together some goals for writing.

I’ll be unofficially auditing this class. FYI, it’s a science fiction/fantasy writing class taught by Brandon Sanderson– yes, the fellow who wrote Elantris and the most recent Wheel of Time series installment.

Brandon wants us to write 2000 words/week. I’ll go ahead and do that. I will put together 2000 words in Servant of the King every week until it is finished. Because I am unofficially auditing, I won’t be able to have Brandon review my work. I’m cool with that. I need more knowledge and skills and I am sure I will get that here.

Now to make sure this goal is happening, I will break it down.

2000 words will take me two to three hours. So I need to put 2-3 hours of writing in each week. I should be able to do this over three days at the most.

When will I write? I’ll do it in the evenings, first thing after the kids go to bed. So I expect to start at about 8:45PM and I will hit 2000 words each week.