Hello my fine friends. Thanks for being so supportive for such a long time as I have toiled to move my writing career forward.

I have an announcement.

I won’t be posting any more chapters of Servant of the King to this blog.

Cue the tears, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Do  you think you could at least clench your jaw for a moment, pretty please?

In any case, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to read this book online. I’ve decided that my writing career has progressed far enough that I really need to launch my own website. I am currently exploring options for my website and plan to have it launched in the middle of September.

I already own the domain and I even have a rough site put together. I need to sit down with my brother-in-law, who helped me get the initial thing going, and figure out how to do the thing and get it to where I need it.

The new website should have several bells and whistles, which I am very excited about! You will be able to see active links to my best articles. You will also be able to peruse a creative writing section where you can read some of the other projects I’ve been fiddling with. There will also, of course, be a section where you can read Servant of the King.

But now I need your input. I have been considering making the Servant of the King section available to members only, in order to protect my book a little better. I’ve also considered keeping the first 25 chapters or so available to the public, but allowing only members to read beyond that. What do you think? Should Servant of the King be available in its entirety to the public? Should only the first half be available to the general public?

Or should I put it all in a members-only place?

If you have thoughts, you can respond to the poll on the right of this blog or you can add your comment to this post. I would love your input.

For now, in about two weeks we should be up and running at https://jaredgarrett.com, so join me there soon!