I’ve been slacking off and tweaking this site since it was born last Wednesday. At this point, you should be seeing my personal blog stream on the home page and you should be able to follow links above to find my bio, my contact info, my current project, which is Servant of the King, and my articles.

But now it’s time to get back to posting chapters of Servant of the King. Here is the schedule that you can expect. I will post a new chapter every Tuesday and Friday. I will also make a new blog post every day. Sometimes it will be very short, but it will always include a shortcut to the latest chapter of Servant of the King. Here it is: https://jaredgarrett.com/?p=61 That link should take you to chapter 27.

I’ve been working some more on Helium.com lately in order to increase my residual income over there. I’ve also got to put the finishing touches on a couple of articles for BYU. Other than that, my plan is to get up very early every morning and write.

For that to work out, I have to go to bed at a decent hour. Which is now.

I love you, my dear readers. Thanks for all of your continued support.