Something about getting this site going has put me in a different gear as to my writing. I feel more deliberate about it, almost like it’s a little more real.

Ah the power of the Internet and publicizing oneself. Actually, Dan Wells points out the power of publicizing one’s goals in a nice post here. I think that this site is working the same way that he mentions, that this site is essentially a tactic to hold myself accountable for making my writing career happen.

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I typed “happens” up there before I realized what I was saying. Yes, some of us still struggle with subject/verb agreement. Yes, feel free to hold it against me.

In the words of Craig Ferguson, “Remind you of anyone?”

But it’s already past my bedtime. As for the writing, I’ve written about 2300 words this week. Only 500 of those are on Servant of the King, however. I have been writing an article a day for . But I wrote those 500 on SotK this morning and I intend to write at least another 500 tomorrow AM, but will shoot for 1000. I have a chapter I need to post on Friday. Oh, those word counts don’t include blog posts. Should they? What thinkest thou?

The other thing I ought to report on is that I have been getting up at 5AM all this week so that I can exercise. Okay, Monday I got up at 6AM, but I still exercised. Yesterday (Tuesday) and today I went and swam laps at the Provo Rec Center. Did about 1/2 mile each morning.

This is all in the hopes that I will lose fat. I don’t care about weight. I will lose fat. Feels good so far. I also bike to work most days, which is a 5 mile trip each way.

I will post something I’ve been developing as a tool for staying on task when it comes to fat loss and achieving a better fitness level. But I will do that in the next day or two. It will work for me. If you have something that has worked for you, let me know. My plan is still in development and if you give me a good idea, I will be happy to give YOU a shout out here.

For now, I am off to bed. See you tomorrow.