There’s just something about the actual act of writing that does something in the brain. It’s like synapses get fired up, gears are moved, and a fire is stoked.

I am more tired right now than I have been in a long time. So tired I’m considering not getting up at 5AM tomorrow to exercise then write. (In the interest of full disclosure, I first wrote ‘right’ where you are now reading the word ‘write’ at the end of the last sentence. Why does this matter? Because it illustrates that my brain is shutting down now after the storytelling has come to an end for the day.)

And my motivation was lackluster to say the least. I’d had a very long day at work, fighting the doziness and trying to get lots done. Then I got home and needed to get dinner out for the kids that were staying home while my lovely wife and nutzo older two boys went to a school event. Then the kids needed putting to bed. Then I took the older boys, as soon as they got home, to a pinewood derby workshop for a bit so they could get some shaping done.

So exhaustion, thy name is me.

But I have committed to putting up a chapter on Tuesday and one on Friday. Today is Tuesday. (I’m sorry if you’ve spent the day thinking it was Wednesday. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.) Because of my commitment and goals and the fact that they are written down in a public-like forum (I’m talking about you reader(s) who make this a public forum), I had to write.

I sat down, watched the Create video, cued up some Clannad and got to it. Within moments I was cooking. Writing, telling stories: it is so obviously my calling in life.

And I just churned out another 1200 words. Giving me 2400 on the day. Add them to the words I did yesterday and I had a chapter ready to post! ‘

You can find Chapter 29 of Servant of the King here. Don’t go there yet, because you’re not done reading this post!

Friends, fellow writers, bowmen, lend me your ocular cavities and the spheroid seeing organs that reside therein. Goals, commitments and writing them down provided me an opportunity for accountability, which resulted in writing getting done.

Priorities and values my friends.

Now you can click on the link to Chapter 29. Oh, the book is now at 63,000 words.

Er.. eh… ahem. BOOYAH!