Comic book lovers unite! Here is a question for you: Who is/are the most powerful superheroes? As I look around, I see that I am the only comic book lover in sight, so allow me to give my thoughts on this question.

*Superman. Superman is virtually indestructible. If Kryptonite is not involved, he will always win. Heck, even if Kryptonite is being used, he has sometimes found ways to win. The truth is, Superman flies faster than light when motivated (like when Lois Lane is smothered by dirt) and can lift almost entire continents. He can’t be cut or bruised. He is number 1. The problem is, it gets a little boring to be following such an invincible hero. You wish he would be a little weaker.

*Teddy. Teddy is my oldest son’s playmate and he is, according to reports, one of the six most powerful superheroes in the universe. Again going on reports, apparently Teddy can go invisible, smash Kryptonite if he uses ‘Metralyzer’, and he lives in Honey Patch. He can fly 45 times the speed of light, Kryptonite only makes him dizzy for a short second.. oh and he is about eight inches tall and fuzzy and brown.

*The Hulk. For sheer strength and indestructibility, the Hulk is near Superman. Nukes basically make him stronger. He can practically fly, since his leaps carry him miles. However, when he is in his big green form, he is rather obtuse and loses Banner’s intelligence.

*Spiderman. I have been an avid comic reader for 22 years. Spiderman and the Psi-Force have been my favorites for years. Now. There was a series of comics that came out in the late eighties called Who’s Who. These comics detailed every superheroe’s powers and potential. I use this series as an authority for what I will now say. Spiderman is stronger than the Hulk. Before you clamor for my blood, let me explain. They pointed out that Spiderman got his powers as a seventeen year old. He had years to get stronger and he did so, due to his constant use of his powers and their ongoing development. Thus, Spiderman could potentially become stronger than the Hulk. However, the movie versions have him as far weaker, and that is okay. We like mortal heroes.

*Batman. What?!? How could I say this? Because of the power of his brain. He conquered far mightier heroes than him by using his brain and normal talents. This is one reason why he has been such a popular character, we can identify with him easily. Add to his brain power his remarkable agility and strength and Batman becomes very formidable indeed.

Feel free to debate with me on all of these statements. Why you can even come on by my house and check out my collection to verify facts. But just remember, Teddy is a big time guy who can take out loads of bad guys.