It’s been a long day and I have a lot to do starting at 5AM tomorrow morning, so my bedtime is arriving fast.

I did spend some time thinking about writing and I basically have one question: Why might a person be better at writing non-fiction than fiction, and vice versa? To rephrase, what do you think makes that difference in people? Upbringing? Interests?

I ask because I spent over two years focusing on nonfiction, writing SEO and instructional and marketing copy. I’m good at it! In fact, I still dabble in it.

There are times when I am slamming out a quality, 1000 word article and it’s just cooking along. I’ve done two of those in an hour before. And they’re pretty good.

There are similar times when I’m working on my stories, but sometimes, man, it’s tough.

So do any of you have thoughts on this question? What might be the difference between a fiction writer and a non-fiction writer?