So I went to lunch with two co-workers. We went to Goodwood Barbecue, which is right next to University Mall in Orem, Utah.

I don’t want to wash my hands. They’re not messy or sticky at all, but I can still smell a lingering aroma of smoky, wonderful bbq sauce. From the moment we walked in, I knew we were at a good place. The delicious smell of slow-cooking brisket and all kinds of other food filled the large restaurant.

When my brisket came, it was on two slices of nicely toasted and buttered Texas toast. It was dripping with a tangy and wonderful bbq sauce. And it was actually, and I almost never say this about meat, cooked to perfection. Wonderfully charred edges, lusciously softened fat that has been allowed to slow-cook and permeate the meat fiber, tender mouthfuls of beef brisket!

Wow. So incredible. I hadn’t eaten brisket like that in nearly 18 years. I’ve been to one or two other bbq places in the valley, but Goodwood pwns them. Not even a contest. No apology, no equivocation.

My gosh. I could go back now and get another helping. And it was already a great big portion, along with excellent steak fries.

I am very demanding when it comes to the meat that I eat. I have very specific expectations of my beef, pork, chicken, fish and shrimp. I complain (to my poor wife, whom I very lovingly (absolutely with no sarcasm at all (no I mean it, there is no sarcasm here)) refer to as Her Highness) about poorly cooked meat.

I have zero complaints about the brisket I ate. I can’t remember the last time I had NO complaints about meat I ordered and ate in a restaurant.

Ask Her Highness.

Prices are remarkably reasonably good too. It’s a winner.