Here are the two poems I wrote today that I like the most.

This first one is an acrostic about freedom.

Love of liberty drove

Early patriots

To declare independence

From tyrants.

Resisting usurpations, with sword’s

Edge and rifle’s power,

Earned a free land.

Do we deserve such men and women?

Or do we instead

Merit lives of quiet desperation?

Roll on, beautiful land!

Ignite fires of patriotism that will

Never die in our hearts!

Give light to darkness!

This second is a haiku.

You are my housepet,

good for warm laps and food too.

You may now pet me.

Can you tell what that one is about?

In other news, I will now go do my NaNoWriMo, or in my case, NaNoReviMo, project. I will be editing The Cabin for this month’s project.

I’ll report later.