The bottled water trend has had many consumers and experts confused for years. Why would people buy something that you can get right from your kitchen faucet? Who’s to know if these companies are simply filling bottles with tap water? Unfortunately, the bottled water industry may have been pulling the wool over consumers’ eyes when they have said that their water is from artesian wells or from mountain springs.

But the good thing that comes from this trend is the idea that people need to be drinking more water. That being said, did you know that not all waters are equal? And we’re not just talking about glacier water versus mineral water. Today there is a growing sub-industry that is providing something called ionized water to the drinking masses.

So what is ionized water? It is water that has undergone a process to transform it in beneficial ways. The first process is that the water is changed so that its levels of acidity are brought down. Many of us are familiar with the concept of pH being a measurement of acidity. Ionized water will often have a pH of from 8.5 to 11. This means that the acid in the water has been removed and you are basically left with an alkaline water, or a base water.

Another thing that happens to this ionized water is that the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) rating is improved. Taking a closer look at this phrase, we can see that ionized water has the potential for reducing the process of oxidation. Or in other words, ionized water is an impressive anti-oxidant. In fact, some proponents of ionized water claim that this type of water is the best anti-oxidant we can get. That’s right, even better than cranberries.

Now let’s take a look at some benefits of ionized water. Getting back to the idea that ionized water is less acidic, it is possible that ionized water may actually help slow the aging process. What is more, ionized water can counter all the acids we both absorb and consume in our lives. As these acids in our body are flushed out by the alkalinity of ionized water, overall health and energy can improve. What is more, the natural balance of our body can be reached.

A further benefit of ionized water, as we’ve mentioned, is that it is an anti-oxidant. This stuff will scrub your blood clean, often better than vitamins. What is more, the anti-oxidant properties of ionized water helps deal with free radicals in our body, which often are the cause of illness and disease. The free radicals are neutralized because ionized water has active hydrogen.

And just think, your body will have no problem absorbing the powerful properties of ionized water, as opposed to the difficulty we have of absorbing regular multi-vitamins.

It is clear, then, that ionized water has the potential to be of great benefit to just about anyone. Anecdotal evidence goes so far as to indicate that drinking plenty of ionized water each day can help you lose weight and eliminate cravings for junk food.

Finally, how can people get their hands on ionized water? Can you buy it in bottles from your local store. Unfortunately, not yet. But there exist several companies that manufacture water ionizers for the home, such as Jupiter Science, Melody, and Enagic. All of these companies are reputable and each claims that their product is superior.

Such is not necessarily the case. Jupiter Science, however, does make products with excellent features and then sells them at a fairly reasonable cost: about $1000 for a good ionizer. Enagic is a good company that is doing a service by getting some market penetration going. They are actually selling their “Kangen Water” ionizers through a multi-level marketing strategy. This MLM approach, unfortunately, has resulted in higher prices. An Enagic ionizer can cost as much as $4000.

Most ionizers can be installed under a sink so that they do not take up counter space. What is more, they are simple to use, with some products automatically turning on when you turn on the faucet. The best water ionizers will clean themselves when you activate the cleaning process. Thus, the maintenance of these machines is not difficult.

All in all, there is no doubt that ionized water is of special benefit to those who drink it. Its alkaline and anti-oxidant properties do bodies much good! But there is one warning for those who want to run right out and get a water ionizer. Medicines, such as prescription medication and pain-killer, function far quicker and more efficiently when taken with ionized water. So if you are using some kind of medication, please don’t forget to talk to your health care professional before starting a course of ionized water.