It’s a quaint title. What I really mean is: Am I a writer or not?

I must admit I’ve allowed myself to slack off when it comes to this website and my writing projects. Reasons both worthy and not-so-much have distracted me, showing me that I need to try harder to keep my priorities straightened out.

I also have to admit that it’s very easy to sit back and kick up my feet these days. I have a job, the bills are getting paid, progress is being made toward financial goals, stress is much reduced after several years of fluctuating employment and on-again, off-again graduate studies.

So I imagine I am entitled to some rest. And that is fine.

But I can’t allow myself to slack off completely. Sure, Psych and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are both very cool shows. So is Dollhouse. As is Firefly. And Battlestar Galactica. Smallville’s not bad as well.

All good shows.

They shouldn’t stop me from writing. Granted, I feel in some ways that I’ve been doing research. But that’s not good enough.

So back to it. Time to finish Servant of the King, finish revising The Cabin, and get them sent out for consideration.

In the interest of reclaiming my place in the halls of writerness, I have updated this site a little bit. All of the chapters of Servant of the King are now available on the Current Project page. Knock yourself out. I’d love some feedback.

I will be adding some widgets to the site too, including (but not limited to): progress bars for the writing and editing, my Twitter feed, bi-weekly polls, and whatever else I feel the site needs. If you’ve got any thoughts or ideas on this issue, please comment on this posting.

To those readers who have stayed with me, thanks! In the words of President Thomas Whitmore, “Spread the word.”