Gargamel’s socks!

I sat down to write, my laptop comfortably nestled, well, on my lap and some tasty cherry cordials slowly digesting as I leaned back on the couch…

And promptly fell asleep.

Quite promptly.

I awoke two, maybe three hours later, my hands on the keyboard and my neck in great pain.

So, as I said, Gargamel’s socks!

I decided to stay awake and see what I could get done. So the total for the day is about 1500 words. I feel in the groove, but I have to sleep because I have to function well at work in the morning. What’s more, there’s a bunch of snow out there and I need to be alert to safely drive in it.

I got some good scenes done, so that’s nice.

But when all is said and done, I’m behind on my goal for the day, so I have to play catch up tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. (By the way, if you think I need a comma between ‘Thursday’ and ‘and’, you can still be my friend, but you’ll never get a Christmas card from me. Gah, I hate the Oxford comma.)

It sure feels great to be writing lots. And I really like my story. And it’s really pretty good.

To finish this off, let me just say I don’t recommend starting and stopping a book the way I have been doing. I’ve had to go back several times to remember important, but small, details about the world and the people. This has been nice in that I’ve been able to see that I really like my story, but it sure uses a lot of time.

Now to bed. More tomorrow.