So I haven’t been able to keep up with my goals, which is disappointing.

However, today I knocked out well over 2000 words, probably more than 2500. I also built a city!

Okay, I didn’t actually build the city, but I drew it up, came up with regional issues, industry, city sectors, the city layout, and its history. I even came up with water sources and sewers.

In doing so, I was also able to flesh out some important cultural issues and practices of the people in my world.

So imagination and computer keys were my building blocks.

That is my report.

There is still hope, by the way. I decided to take tomorrow off work so that I could spend the entire work day writing. I expect to have at least 7 hours to write tomorrow. I will shoot for closer to 9 total for the whole day.

Yes, I expect to write at least 7000 words tomorrow.

In other, related news, the book is about 600 words shy of 80,000 words. And if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve got chapters 32 and 33 up here on the site as of today.

You can see chapter 32 here and chapter 33 here.

If you are new to Servant of the King, you can click on the link above called ‘Current Project’ to find all of the chapters of this lovely book.

Finally, I’ve also been acting as a beta reader for an author acquaintance who really knows his stuff and whose name you would know (but I try not to name drop *Stephen King* (just kidding)). Reading his current draft has really gotten me thinking about the writing process.

More on that later.