So I wrote about 6700 words today. With a book that is now 85000 words, that’s nearly 10% of the entire book in one day.

It’s late, I’m tired and such, so that’s it almost. Since I posted that I was going to try to get this book done, I have written just shy of 10,000 words.

That’s a lot for a week, but it’s not enough for my goals. I think I need to accept that I won’t get this book done this year, but I’m going to be close. The same sacrifices and plan that I presented a few days ago apply until Servant of the King‘s first draft is done.

I really like the city and loved the exercise of putting it together so that my character, Lakhoni, could live in and explore it.

By the way, I pronounce that name /Luh-koh-nye/. Does that help or hinder?

And now sleep will get its way. More tomorrow.