So we’ve been going through a major fiasco with BofA for the last little while.

Long while.

Briefly, I didn’t have a job for a long time. I do now and we thought we were on track.

BofA didn’t see fit to give us good information and we are very angry with what they’ve put us through.

Because I will be publishing as a writer, I haven’t seen fit to get into public discussions of religion, politics or anything else. I have also done my best to not express offense, anger or any inappropriate reactions. I have tried to avoid all confrontation.

But I am about ready to go after Bank of America with all that I have. They hold all the financial cards, but the pen- or keyboard- is mighty still. I can put words together and I can get the word around.

So what do you think? Should I attack Bank of America and expose all of the absurdities that we’ve had to deal with? At the same time, I would have to name local companies that cheated us out of a lot of money.

I need your advice, world. Should I go after these people in public, or would that be a bad idea and perhaps tarnish my reputation as an up and coming author? It’s not just for my satisfaction. I really think I could help a lot of people avoid a lot of crap if I went after Bank of America etc.

I’m really torn. What do you think I ought to do?