Random, quick post. Last night I brought some Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter (we’d like to thank our sponsors… only kidding) home from Costco. This is good stuff with two problems: it separates and it is not chunky.

But the kids don’t like chunky peanut butter and we can mix the stuff.

Mixing is the thing. In the past, we’ve used a butter knife. Last night I grabbed a stiff, narrow spatula. The challenge is to mix the stuff thoroughly without spilling the runny stuff at the top out over the rim. It can be a slow, lame process.

As I inserted the spatula and began carefully turning it to get started, I thought, “What if I could stick the end of this spatula in my drill gun and use that to spin the spatula faster and more evenly?”

It then occurred to me that I could use our hand mixer, but with only one of the spinning attachments. I worried that it might spit peanut butter all over, since it tries to do that when making frosting or whipped cream, but I decided it was time to risk it all.

Long story short, with careful control over speed, holding the jar firmly and being careful with how I took it out of the peanut butter, it worked really well. Totally cool.