So I am going to journal the year after I quit in order to fight for my dream of becoming a writer. This is the first and introductory post. I will write this for myself and for a general audience of anyone who happens to be interested. I have decided I will keep this online record of thoughts, feelings, pieces written and status of my writing. I mean publishing status of my stuff. And when I say publishing, I am talking about print publishing. I will be frank with my prose on this.

Now I have to say I have never been one for blogs. I am doing this because I think it will keep me motivated to journal this year. Plus, I am blessed with people who love me and care about me, my family, and our success. So this is a way for them to stay apprised. I promise not to make this the ‘mental porn’ that I refer to other blogs as. If it is not compelling and Pulitzer-winning, it will at least follow mechanics, conventions and be well-capitalized.

So that’s all for now. I will post either daily or weekly, starting Monday, August 13. See you then!