I got so much done! My schedule today was our first try at our plan for when Spanish school starts for the two older boys. Since they have their school starting at 12:30 until 3:30, I suggested to Annemarie, my wife, that we have her take the morning hours to translate her Japanese to English. Thus, I would have the afternoons, starting around noon or 12:30, and going until dinner.
It worked out exactly as planned and I had the entire afternoon and early evening to write. As soon as I sat down, I reviewed my accepted outline for an original graded reader for Thomson Heinle’s series. After familiarizing myself with my story idea again, I re-acquainted myself with the writer’s guidelines in the packet they sent me.
Then I got to writing my big synopsis. This one was to be pretty detailed and was supposed to be 2 to 3 pages long. Mine ended up being about 3 and a half. I hope they don’t mind it being so big, but I really found myself liking the idea of having such a detailed map of the story. They also ask for some character notes, which is something I might try to do with each story I write, even those not associated with Thomson Heinle.
Anyway, I got it done with time to spare, so I forged ahead and wrote the first chapter. This next stage of the proposal process requires a sample chapter, so that was good motivation for me.

The thing is, this is the closest I have gotten so far to a truly paying writing job that could very well end up in seeing my graded reader novel in print! So this is priority number one. So the first draft of the proposal is ready now, and Annemarie will review it for me tomorrow. Then I will make some of my own changes and have it sent off by tomorrow evening.

All of this while keeping the refinance process going. Oh, I also went and got an office chair for my writing station. Woo, it is a lot better.

This feels great so far. I got to spend time with my kids like mad today. Annemarie got her paying job worked on really well today. I moved forward. I know it is day one and this is a long post, but I am happy with this. Let’s see if it lasts the week. Deseret Book is due to get back to me soon about Brothers in Arms. I am not confident. I keep thinking of ways that my first novel is really cut rate.

That’s all for today.