Alright. I forgot to journal my work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both were good, productive days, although Tuesday could have been better. I will do this journaling now, and will journal today’s work later tonight.

Tuesday, the 14th, I got started a little late, due to my fiddling around on the Web a little. However, I did a final rewrite of my longer synopsis/proposal for a Thomson-Heinle graded reader, as well as the first chapter in that book. What is nice is that if they don’t ultimately go for it, the book is pretty good and I think I might have a good chance of selling it somewhere else. After I sent that off, I took a walk and tried to come up with another idea for a Graded Reader. I wanted to shoot for low-level, so I was thinking genre fiction was not going to do it. About five minutes into my walk, I started getting some neat ideas about a fully character driven story about two friends who are young women. One of them sees something awful that she can’t talk about, which then affects her life. The other tries to help her friend through it. So when I got home, I got the outline zipped out and left it over night. However, I felt really good about it. The stakes are high and we get to spend some good time in characters’ heads.

On Wednesday, the 15th, I did some revision of that outline. The tentative title of this second graded reader will be ‘Hidden.’ I sent it on to the project leader. Oh, by the way, this leader actually got back to me Wednesday morning and said that the team is taking a couple-few weeks break, but that they will review the proposal and outline that I have sent them when they get back. Then, on Wednesday still, I took a long walk after sitting for a while and trying to think of another book idea. But this one will be for a general audience. I had an idea for a book called ‘The Cabin.’ It is fairly autobiographical, but is very altered in order to have dramatic tension and a good arc. It follows the life of a boy in a cult whose oldest brother leaves the cult and dies soon after. It is not a murder mystery. The boy, Mike Kerr, must try to deal with his feelings in an environment that does not care about feelings, family or anything but the cult itself. The themes I see are friendship, grieving, family, brotherhood, and courage. Sub-themes include abuse, negligence and nature’s purity. So I got ‘The Cabin’ well outlined and some good characters fleshed out yesterday. I am excited to get going on this book. Today, Thursday, and all that happens will be journaled later tonight.

I like doing this journal. I imagine it really doesn’t matter if nobody reads it but me.