Well, it is actually early, early Friday morning, but I have just finished watching “Breach” with my wife. It was cool.

Anyway, for Thursday, I began to re-establish my online writing presence by writing for www.helium.com
If there is anyone reading this, you may feel free to visit my profile there and read any of my over 650 articles! Follow this link: http://www.helium.com/user/show/45690

In any case, I wrote about five articles for a contest there and also posted in the forums to show that I was back. I want to try hard to get into this contest so that I can actually have some $$ to show for my work. Why? Because my first novel “Brothers in Arms” was rejected by Deseret Book and I got the notification today. Arg. I am a writer! I need validation. And I am talking about substantive, perhaps spendable validation!

So anyway, that was my day. I also tried to calculate how long my new idea for “The Cabin” should be. I am going to shoot for about 60,000 words. I am going to shoot for about 5000 words a day, starting tomorrow. I am going to have a first draft done by the end of September, but hopefully earlier. This means I need to put five hours into this book each day. That is usually all the writing time I have each day, so I need to find some more time on either end of the day.

Anyway, that is my day. I am feeling unmotivated for two reasons: One is that I got rejected today. The other is that we went out today (got a babysitter) and after dinner visited Barnes and Noble’s children’s and teens’ section. There are a lot of books out there! Thousands! How is my stuff going to ever make it??

I just have to keep at it, I know, but it is sometimes hard to believe in this dream. But I am not going to give up, even if I doubt sometimes.

See you later.