Well, it’s the end of another writing week. But, like I predicted on Monday, I really didn’t have much time to write, as Annemarie really needed a lot of time to get her translation project done. Thus, I basically stuck with working on http://www.helium.com/ stuff. If you want to read my stuff there, go to: http://www.helium.com/user/show/45690 and you will be able to scroll down and see a massive list of my articles there. The most recently written articles are first.

I am placed second in a contest there, so I have the chance at $25 dollars next week, but that is fairly small fry.

The other substantive writing stuff I got done was this:

First, I did some research for ‘The Cabin.’ I needed to know about the area I was originally going to set it in. Now I have decided to set it in Quakertown, PA. It is better! This town is much closer to what I had in mind for the images and feeling of the area, so it will work our far better. This caused me to need to change a few little things in the outline, but that didn’t cause a problem. I also opted to change a name, in order to keep things less autobiographical. Still wondering about using Cyrus.

Second, I got started on reworking “Song of the Wind.” This is the story that won first place in the Vera Hinckley Mayhew Contest, specific category, here at BYU. The thing is, the concept and some characterization and images are strong. But all in all, the story does not flow well and it needs better illumination and characterization. I had never really seen this before. Plus, I finally got some research done for it, and basically found out that having wind scour the Earth’s surface is too much of a fantasy and is not supportable enough by science. So basically the issue at hand is abrupt climate change.

In any case, I got to it and found myself re-shaping quite a lot. I like the new shape. It feels more real and solid, like actual quality writing. I am hoping to craft it into a top-notch story that I can send in to Writers of the Future. So I am probably half done with this major re-write now, and I hope to complete a final draft about mid-week of next week. Then, I can start getting chapters done on “The Cabin.” Now, if Thomson Heinle gets back to me soon and offers a deal for “The Mars Betrayal” I will need to put that on the front burner. But it helps to have my outline for “The Cabin” done so fully, this way I can continue to work on higher priority items as needed and I can keep adding things to the outline.

I love it so far. Gonna make this work.

And finally, I have been working on making money on Associated Content, a neat website for journalistic articles. I have now sold them two articles. Read them here:


Until next time!