Well, silly me for not reporting back for so long. I need to do better with this. Here’s what is going on.

Thomson Heinle has asked me to make some revisions and then resubmit my proposal for “The Mars Betrayal”. I will do that as soon as the next thing in this post is done.

I have been browsing online freelance websites and have made some bids here and there. Thus, I won a freelancing job to write 25 gardening articles. I hope to finish that tomorrow, then I can work on my revisions for the graded reader project mentioned above.

I won second place in a www.helium.com contest, thus getting a paycheck from them. What is more, I have continued to add to my article list there. I am pleased to be approaching seven hundred articles over there. Feel free to see my stuff there, by clicking on:
or you could even read a recent editorial-style article I wrote up this morning:


I feel I expressed my thoughts on this issue well and thoroughly.

I have also been steadily selling articles to www.associatedcontent.com , which has been a pleasant surprise. I make about $3-4 each time I sell one, and I can possibly make more as I build my content there and get traffic to read it. I got some nice comments on a few articles last week, so hopefully that will continue to grow as I plug at it.

And finally, to end this long post, I had an article on how to prepare good corn on the cob picked up by a local online homeschooling mag. I don’t know what the distribution of this mag is, but I am calling this a writing cred. What is more, the editor has asked me about regularly contributing, or even having a column of some kind. I hope to have an idea of how that will work out sometime next week.

All in all, so far so good. Oh! I also finally finished the major overhaul of Song of the Wind and sent it off to Writers of the Future, the L. Ron Hubbard contest for new writers. My friend, Dave Wolverton, won this many years ago and it basically made his career. I don’t expect it to do the same for me, but I am hoping to perform well in it. I feel good about the story, and have had several acquaintances on www.helium.com read it, to much praise.

So I need to buckle down and get to work on this gardening articles project tomorrow. I will either be done or have finished twenty of them when I report tomorrow. Until then!