I need to get rolling. I just received another project from the same guy who I did the gardening articles for. That is fine, I like it, but I need to treat this more like a job rather than a hobby. I need to get a lot done:

The new 25 lawn care articles project
The revising of my Mars Betrayal proposal
Another science fiction short story
Rewriting Brothers in Arms
Writing The Cabin

Today I did some work on the lawn articles and I did some writing on www.helium.com

But I just need to get more work done. I am going to give myself deadlines.

Today is Tuesday. I will have the 25 articles done by Thursday, hopefully earlier. I would like to do them all in a five to six hour day of writing, which I hope to try out tomorrow, but I will have them done for sure by the end of Thursday.

Friday will be the day I work on my revision of the Mars Betrayal proposal. I cannot say when I will get it done. Hopefully early next week.

Writers of the Future sent me an e-mail saying Song of the Wind sucked. Just kidding. They just sent me an e-mail saying that they got my submission.

I gotta do some stationary bike then sleep. That’s all for now.