Man am I peeved. I thought when I downloaded an update of Norton Anti-virus and Internet Security it would fix some of the problems I have been having with speed on my laptop.

Not in the least bit! I am virus-free, but my computer is slower than ever. It does not seem to be able to handle two browser windows open at all. This is ridiculous.

Why am I peeved just now? Because I have to re-write the post I composed which did not make it onto the blog… due to my crummy computator.

Here goes again…

Today was pretty good as I began to implement the schedule I worked up on Sunday. Basically I have outlined the times when I will write and set down when I will be in bed and when I will be up. Depending on whether Annemarie translates during a given week, I will be able to write from 22 to about thirty hours per week.

Here’s what I did today:

I wrote and rewrote extensively for Helium in order to finish strong in two contests. I am currently #1 in the college contest and am in the top five for the other. The positions can and probably will change before all is said and done, but I really really really hope I stay near the top if not at the top!

I met with the CEO/Founder of ChartedCourse and we have outlined a little bit of what I will be doing for them in the coming weeks.

Here’s what I must do this week:
Finish rewriting chapter 1 of the ChartedCourse User Manual.
Finish or nearly finish my revision of the Mars Betrayal proposal.
Submit at least ten more articles to Associated Content. By the way, they don’t really like op-ed pieces. Keep that in mind.
Choose two or three publishers to send my recent picture book story to. Then send it.

This is my dream and I must work hard to fulfill it. Still no word back from Inscape, and no news from Writers of the Future. But that is fine. These things take time. I am going to make this happen. With my effort and God’s help, this can be done.

Here are some articles I recommend: