Well, the contest on Helium is getting rough. Some guy just appeared out of nowhere to knock me off the top spot on the smaller contest.

Anyway, I am going to win some money, but it ain’t over yet.. I will report on my placement soon.

The new contests are beginning, however, and one of the categories is Creative Writing: Short Stories. Then there are a bunch of story topics. I am going to write as many as I can, but I am going to try to do them in the fantasy and science fiction genres.. “Why?” you may ask…

Because I got word from Writers of the Future about Song of the Wind. It got honorable mention, and that is all. Blech. I will say it now and only once. Damn it. I need to do better. I feel like I can.. but man it is hard to do it. Anyway, I hope to practice at length with this contest that is starting now.

So today I did Helium stuff and did some research.
I also submitted five of the ten articles that I committed to for this week to Associated Content.
I contacted Nancy Wilson, the editor of the UHEA online magazine and sent her links to articles she can use in her mag.

Tomorrow I will rewrite chapter 1 of the user manual for ChartedCourse. Hopefully Blake (CEO and founder) will get back to me with his notes on the web content soon, so that I can square that away fast.

Thursday is Helium contest day. I hope to write at least fives stories that day.

Friday is Mars Betrayal day.

I was a little unmotivated today after I got that response from Writers of the Future. I mean that I think I am a good writer, but am I good enough to have real, solid success? I am not sure. I want to publish my stories more than I want to be a freelance technical writer and journalist, but the latter two seem to have the potential for more reliable income right now. So now I need to simply set up priorities and make time to do my creative writing.

Gonna pray hard tonight and remember to pray over my flocks and fields. In other words, I need to do my best with an eye to God magnifying me.

Long post, but glad it is off my chest.