Well, all did not go according to plan today.

I am sticking fairly well to my schedule and thus am getting a lot more done now. However, I am still having trouble getting to bed on time, hence, the time stamp on this.

I was going to try to get Chapter 1 of the User Manual done today, but I was legitimately derailed. Here’s why. I went into the ChartedCourse office to meet with the boss-man and get a quick version of Course 2 taught to me. You see, I need to see all the courses if I am going to do a thorough job on this manual. Anyway, I was a couple minutes late and walked into Blake’s office.

He looked at me, visibly remembered why I was there and had me take a seat. Then he told me that we needed to do something else. The long and the short of it is that ChartedCourse is going to be a host/sponsor for our local university’s women’s basketball team. We will thus be hosting the radio broadcast of the game and we are also looking into some other things to do during the game, such as “The Charted Course Shot of the Game” and so on. As part of this, we can have a few thirty second radio advertisements played during the broadcast… for free!

So Blake tells me he wants me in on the meeting they are about to have with a marketing consultant. I run home and get my laptop so I can be ready for the meeting. We discussed target, and they actually deferred to me on that a little bit, since I have been a big supporter of this team for two years. Then, when all had been said that needed to be said, I ended up with the job of writing the scripts for the radio spots. Thirty seconds each! We decided on two different ones.

So I wrote three and played with them the rest of the afternoon and early evening, trying to get them just right and the perfect length. It is an almost certainty that I will hear these ads next week! Ads I wrote! I love it.

Anyway, that sucked up my writing time for the afternoon.

As for Helium, I placed fifth in the slightly lower $$ contest. Blech. After spending three days in the top three, that was disappointing in the extreme. But I got $5. Wahoo.

The other contest is still being rated and judged. I am still in the top three, but that might not last.

I am having trouble finding topics to write about in Helium’s Marketplace, but I am pretty sure I will just choose some cinema topics and do some research.

Tomorrow will have to be the day I do Chapter 1 in the ChartedCourse manual. I might take a break once or twice to zip out a story or article for Helium.

I have now submitted 8 of the 10 articles I committed to do for Associated Content this week.

Friday is still Mars Betrayal day.

And Saturday will be yard work and story day and night.

Motivation is back, by the way. In case you hadn’t noticed. I love what I do and now I want to love the success I can enjoy from what I do. Must keep at it.

Woo! This is long. One final thing. It appears I have some people following this. How kind of you! Feel free to comment or invite others to read. I would love to be able to chat with you and if my story helps, even better. So… welcome, all.