Well I just wanted to get on here and map out my week really fast. First off, this weekend was great! I got tons of yard and garden work done, and my gardens are pretty much put to bed.
Church was spectacular, as always.

Today I am pretty much going to focus on www.helium.com. Why? Because I want to get more $$ and recognition in contests. So I will start this day by outlining at least six stories, but I would like to do as many as ten. Then I will write the stories, offline to start with, and later submit them.

I will then get to it on the College Writing Contest, which is the bigger $$ contest and the one that might pay off even more in several weeks.

So that’s today.

Tomorrow I am going to take my scooter in for repairs. I think that while I wait will be a good time to work on finishing my revised Mars Betrayal proposal. So let’s say that Tuesday is Mars Betrayal day. I will also get my picture book manuscript sent off on Tuesday. It looks like I need to be at ChartedCourse at 7PM that evening as well. Late Tuesday will be more Helium time.

Wednesday I am going to try to do a total rewrite of Chapter 2 in the ChartedCourse user manual. T

Then starting on Thursday is NaNoWriMo. (National Novel Writing Month) I am going to try and do 5000 words each day that I work on The Cabin. I need to work on it at least ten days of November, so Thursday will be day one. If I get behind, I will re-work that plan.

Friday is going to be more short story day, as well as Helium day. I need to get a top notch, best I can do short story going for submission to Writers of the Future. Honorable mention is only the beginning!

That’s the plan. I will report later today on how today went.

I gotta say that this journal/chronicle/blog is helping me stay focused. I feel more jazzed about writing each day that I watch my progress and record it here. I love writing. I love it. I have got to become a better writer.

On a final note, a famous author once said that you can only become a good author after you have written a million words. I did a rough estimation and found that I am between 500,000 and 600,000… probably. I can see where I might be more than that from all my journaling and poetry and such. So I am not at a million. That’s fine, I will be soon.