Well, I pretty much spent the day on Helium.

Let’s recap what got done last week. I rewrote chapter 2 of the User Manual for Charted Course. I did a preliminary, pretty good revision of my Mars Betrayal proposal. I placed in contests on Helium to win $25.

Today I wrote probably ten to fifteen articles on Helium. Some required research, but most of them are ones that I could do from my own experience and knowledge. Here are links to a few:


Anyway, here is what I will do tomorrow:

I will start my day by getting my scooter’s wheels balanced and looking into med insurance. While waiting for things, I will finalize the Mars Betrayal proposal.

I will then write 1000 words for The Cabin, my NaNoWriMo project.

Then I will do Chapter three of the User Manual. I will finish it. If I finish it in time, I will do some more articles on Helium. If I feel up to it after my meetings tomorrow night, I will do some more work on The Cabin.

This is the first week of my NaNoWriMo project. I have exactly four weeks. I must get at least fifteen thousand words done each week. So I will do so somehow!

So that’s tomorrow. I really enjoy being my own boss. I like having steady work that has the potential to actually pay out in the near future. I feel really good about the new version of the Mars Betrayal.

The kids are all getting hit with a nose and cough virus. So far nothing serious. Prayers, sleep and echinacea are all wonderful, in that order.

Speaking of sleep, I am outta here.

Novel recommendations:
The Riddlemaster of Hed by Patricia A. McKillip This is a marvelous trilogy that is written in some of the best narrative prose I have ever read.